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Cloudneeti portal home page displays Compliance (1) dashboard. The left side of the screen (2) displays various compliance benchmarks with the overall compliance score and a daily trend. The right side of the screen (2) displays a fly wheel that allows quick drill down into each compliance score. Compliance

Users can click on different part of the fly wheel for a quick drill down.

  1. Goes back to original fly wheel view after drilling down into individual data sets.

  2. Displays only security benchmarks section in full fly wheel view.

  3. Displays only the selected compliance framework.

  4. Redirects user to a security policies view (for NIST CSF v1.1).

The left side of the screen also allows navigation. 5. Redirects user to a security policies view of respective compliance benchmark (for CIS Win R12 v1.1.0).

  1. Redirects user to a complete list of security policies within Cloudneeti application. Compliance


By clicking on Security tab (1) on the top, users gain access to a security dashboard that provides a compliance score by resource category. By clicking on category header (2) user can navigate to a detailed security policy level report for further analysis. Security Dashboard


By clicking on risk tab (1) on the top, users gain access to a risk dashboard that provides a risk posture view categorizing all security policies by Risk Impact and Risk Likelihood. The upper right corner of the dashboard displays high risk deviations from cloud security best practices. This allows users to better understand their risk exposure and prioritize remediation activities. Risk Dashboard


By clicking on the Assets tab (1) on the top, users gain access to an assets dashboard that provides insights into the total number of resources, users, AD admins and other metrics. By clicking on the bar (2) in the chart, the map shows locations (3) of this resource category. Assets_Dashboard