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Azure Marketplace


Please follow the steps below to subscribe to Cloudneeti SaaS product on Azure Marketplace.

  1. Go to Azure Marketplace

  2. Select desired offer

  3. Click on GET IT NOW (1)

  4. Provide your consent (2)

  5. Click Continue (3) Azure Marketplace

  6. Select as software plan and click Create Azure Marketplace

  7. Enter a Name for your subscription resource group

  8. Select subscription

  9. Select billing term

  10. Click Subscribe Subscribe

  11. Wait for deployment notification Deployment Notification

  12. Configure subscription

    1. Search for "SaaS" in all services to find your subscription or click on subscription name in the notification on Azure Portal. Configure Subscription

    2. Click on Configure Now button in an email received from Azure Marketplace Configure Now

  13. Click on Configure Account Configure Account

  14. This will open Cloudneeti application

    Please sing in to Cloudneeti application to validate that your credentials are accurate and you have access to Cloudneeti License. Validating


Please following the steps below to unsubscribe from Cloudneeti offer on Azure Marketplace. It will lead to decommission of the license and automatic clean-up of all collected data as per data retention period.

  1. Go to Azure Portal

  2. Select Active Directory and Subscription used to subscribe the Cloudneeti SaaS offer plan.

  3. Select All Services

  4. Search for SaaS

  5. Click on desired subscription from listed subscriptions

  6. Click on Delete (2)

  7. Click Yes (3) to confirm Unsubscribe

  8. This will delete the Cloudneeti offer plan subscription on Azure Marketplace and update Cloudneeti License status to “Expired”.