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Partner co-branding


Cloudneeti offers partner co-branding feature, using Customer provided details for co-branded user experience.

The customer’s primary point of contact (who will become the License Admin) requests Cloudneeti to provision a License enabled for partner co-branding. In case you don’t have a point of contact from Cloudneeti, please use the contact us form on Cloudneeti website.

Contact Us

Co-branded experience

Domain and Landing Page

Customers can opt for a custom domain/subdomain e.g., to access Cloudneeti application portal. Customer can bring their own logo and texts on the landing page image.

Partner co-branding

User Experience

Cloudneeti application portal with co-branded logo.

Partner co-branding



Partner co-branding


Partner co-branding


Co-branding experience for email notifications Cloudneeti sends to the Customers.

Partner co-branding

STEP 1: Checklist of Prerequisite Details

Details to be shared

S. No. Detail Type Length/Size/Description
1. Domain/subdomain URL
2. Background Image Image (JPG) 1280 px X 720 px
3. Logo Image Image (PNG) 200 px
4. Favicon Image Image (PNG) 160px X 160 px
5. Welcome Text Text maximum number of chars 100, two sentences
6. Tagline Text Text maximum number of char max 30 chars
7. Text Below Sign In button Text Maximum 50 chars
8. Word summary report title page Image (JPG) 1100px X 800px
9. Word summary report last page Image (JPG) 1100px X 800px
10. Word summary report header logo Image (PNG) 200 px
11. Word summary report footer logo Image (PNG) 200 px
12. URL in Report footer URL NA


Partner co-branding

STEP 2: Onboard License in Cloudneeti with Partner co-branding

2.1 Contact Cloudneeti team to initiate License onboarding for partner co-branding

Cloudneeti team will share URL provided to add DNS record.

2.2 Add a DNS Record

Steps to add CNAME DNS record for URL provided by Cloudneeti.

  1. Go to your domain provider website

  2. Open DNS Management and add DNS record

DNS record details

S. No. Detail Value
1 Type CNAME
2 Host Customer Domain
3 Points to URL provided by Cloudneeti
4 TTL in Seconds TTL in seconds should be minimum value possible


Partner co-branding

2.2 Share details listed items in step 1 with Cloudneeti Team

Cloudneeti team will onboard license enabled for Partner co-branding

2.3 Access Cloudneeti with domain shared for co-branding

Cloudneeti send email notification which will have the domain of license enabled for Partner co-branding.