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Estimate Pricing

Subscription Fee

Cloudneeti product subscription fees are based on an average total number of resources in onboarded cloud accounts (Azure subscription, AWS accounts) and number of users in Office 365 subscription. Please follow the steps below to collect resource and user count.

Please refer billing dashbord page to see resouce, user count on Cloudneeti portal.

Resources in Azure subscription

Please follow the below steps to determine the total number of resources within an Azure subscription.

Login to Azure portal as Subscription Reader/Owner.


  1. Click on Subscriptions (1)

  2. Select desired subscription

  3. Click on Resources (2) to get list of all resources

  4. Total resource count is mentioned on the upper left of the screen highlighted below

    Azure Resources


  1. Open Cloudshell with bash

  2. Download script

    wget -O Get-AzureResourceCount.ps1
  3. Switch directory

    cd $user
  4. Get resource counts [put the subscriptionid in below command]

    .\Get-AzureResourceCount.ps1 -SubscriptionId

    Azure Resources

  5. Output will have protected workloads counts and all resource categories listed along with resource count.

    Azure Resources

Resources in AWS account

Please the follow below steps to determine the total number of resources within an AWS account.


Workstation Readiness

Activity Description
Workstation: Python 3.7 Download python web based installer.
Install python and make sure to check Add python to Path setting
Workstation: boto3 package Amazon Web Services (AWS) Software Development Kit (SDK) for Python
# python -m pip install boto3
Download and review Python script The Python script is used to to get Resource Count for given AWS Account: Download Link.

Required permissions

Pre-requisite Role Referense
AWS access and secret key Root User, Security Audit AWS access and secret key

Get resource count

  1. Run below command to get the count

    python .\ --accessKey <aws_access_key> --secretKey <aws_secret_key>

    AWS Resources

  2. Output will have protected workloads and all services listed along with resource count for the given AWS account.

    AWS Resources

Users in Office 365

Please log into the Office 365 portal to look up the number of users in your Office 365 subscription.

Office 365 Resources