Onboard an AWS account


  1. PowerShell :

    1. Windows PowerShell version 5 and above

    2. To check PowerShell version type $PSVersionTable.PSVersion in PowerShell and you will find PowerShell version.


  1. AWS cli

    2.1. To check AWS cli is configured type aws on PowerShell.

    2.2. To install AWS cli follow link https://docs.aws.amazon.com/cli/latest/userguide/install-windows.html

D:\AWS onboarding Deck\aws in PS.png

  1. npm: npm is a package manager for the JavaScript programming language and consists of a command line client.

    3.1. To install npm follow the link

    3.2. Serverless Framework: Serverless Framework is a Node.js CLI tool 

    3.2.1. To check serverless is configured type serverless on Powershell

    3.2.2. Install serverless framework using “npm install -g serverless”


  1. AWS root account access key id and secret : Before you configure the Cloudneeti on to your AWS account, you need an AWS root account access key id and secret.

    4.1. Getting AWS account access key id and secret

    4.1.1.  Sign into your [AWS
    4.1.2.  Click your name located on the top right navigation pane.
    4.1.3.  Select “My Security Credentials”. 
    4.1.4.  Access key id is under the section “Access keys for CLI, SDK, & API
    4.1.5.  If access key secret is not recorded for this id, please create a
        new access key by clicking on “Create access key” button.

AWS Portal - Access key id and secret.png