SaaS Configuration and User Guide

Introduction : Cloudneeti offers continuous infrastructure security and compliance monitoring. It provides a clear evidence about actual implementation of controls and the information required for compliance audits.

  1. Dashboard of the cybersecurity and compliance posture against industry standards such as PCI DSS 3.2, HIPAA, Cyber Security Foundations, Security Benchmark, NIST CSF, GDPR
  2. Compliance evidence for key industry benchmarks
  3. Continuous Monitoring to detect deviations from standards
  4. Remediation guidance for discovered vulnerabilities
  5. Azure usage visibility across the entire organization

Onboard an Azure subscription

Follow these steps to onboard an Azure account to Cloudneeti.

Step-1 : Before you configure the Cloudneeti on to your Azure Subscription, you need an active Azure AD account in the Global Administrator role
1.1 Login into the Azure Portal, with User with Global Admin Role

Step-2 : Create an Active Directory Application

2.1 In the Azure Portal, click Azure Active Directory in the sidebar then select App Registrations
2.2 Click on New application registration button. Enter the Name for example "Cloudneeti" Select the Application Type as "Web App/API" Enter the Sign-on URL as provided . e.g. ""
2.3 Click Create
2.4 Click on the registered application "Cloudneeti"
2.5 Click Settings
2.6 Click Save

Step-3 : Generate the Application Key

Step-4 : Configure Azure Active Directory application permissions
4.1 In Settings Preview, click Required permissions

4.2 Click +Add & Select an API : In this step you will modify

4.3 Select the Windows Azure Active Directory API

4.4 Select the Microsoft Graph API

Step-5 : Grant Permissions to enable the configurations

Step-6 : Authorize Application ID to access your Azure Subscription resources