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Decommission of remediation

To decommission the remediation functionality in Azure subscription,

Disable all the remediation policies- Azure account security policy remediation functionality can be disabled from Cloudneeti portal. On disabling the remediation policies stops the auto-remediation of new resources whenever deployed.

Remove Resource Policy Contributor (Preview) role access of Cloudneeti application from the subscription.

1. Disable Remediation policies

Login to Cloudneeti portal with License Admin role

  1. Select desired License and Account

  2. Click Configure

  3. Select Configure security policies

    Disable Remediation policies

  4. Select Remediation Available in filter to see only the policies with remediation available.

  5. Disable the policy remediation

  6. Click Save

    Disable Remediation policies


  • Disabling remediation of security policies does not immediately effective, it will take some time to delete internal assignment present in Azure policy framework.

  • The resource configuration updated during remediation will remain the same after disabling the remediation policies.

2. Remove “Policy Resource Contributor (Preview)” access

  1. Click Subscriptions in primary menu (1)

  2. Select desired Subscription

  3. Click on Access Control (IAM) (2)

  4. Select Roles tab

  5. Select Resource Policy Contributor (Preview)

    Remove “Policy Resource Contributor (Preview)” access

  6. Select Cloudneeti Application (1)

  7. Click Remove (2)

    Remove “Policy Resource Contributor (Preview)” access