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STEP 4: Grant access to key vaults

This step is optional

The Cloudneeti application requires special permission on desired key vaults to get policy data related to secrets. If the Key Vault access policy is not added, Cloudneeti application will not be able to collect data of security policies listed here.

Access policy can be added using either an automation account or manual steps.

4.1 Manual Steps

  1. Login to Azure portal.
  2. Go to the Key vaults (1)
  3. Select key vault (2) Access Policy
  4. Select Access policies (1)
  5. Click on Add Access Policy (2) Access Policy
  6. Select List in Key Permissions and Secret Permissions (1) (2)
  7. Select Principal as Cloudneeti Application registered in step 1 (3)
  8. Click Add access policy (4) Access Policy Note: Perform this step on all the key vaults present in your subscription.

4.2 Automatically add Key Vault access policy for Key Vaults within Azure subscriptions

4.2.1 Register Contributor Application

Register Contributor Application

Login to Azure Portal with Global AD Administrator role.

  1. Select Azure Active Directory in the primary menu

  2. Select App Registrations in the secondary menu

  3. Click on New Registration

    Service Principal - Azure Portal

  4. Enter the name

  5. Click Register

    Service Principal - Azure Portal

  6. Copy to clipboard and paste the Application id to your notepad

    Service Principal - Azure Portal

Add Client Secret

  1. Click on new client secret in Certificates & secrets section
  2. Add Description and select expiry time
  3. Click on Add
  4. Copy to clipboard and paste the Client Secret to your notepad. Note: You will not be able to copy this value after you move away from this screen.

    Client Secret

Add Read All Microsoft Graph permissions and grant admin consent

The Contributor Application should have "Azure Active Directory Graph - Application.ReadWrite.All" permission over tenant.

  1. Click API Permissions
  2. Click Add permission and add the following information:

    API Permission Name Type
    Microsoft.Graph Application.ReadWrite.All Refer here Application
  3. Click on Grant admin consent for … button in the Grant consent section.

Grant Azure Subscription Contributor role

Add contributor role for Cloudneeti application in Azure Subscription.

Login to Azure Portal with Microsoft Azure Subscription Owner role.

  1. Go to the subscription’s Access control (IAM) in the third level menu
  2. Click on the Add button and select Add role assignment
  3. Select Contributor role and Cloudneeti
  4. Select Save to complete the role assignment

    Assign role

4.2.2 Provision automation account

Provision automation account to check and assign List permissions to key-vaults within given subscriptions, at scheduled time.

Login to Azure portal as Subscription Contributor or Subscription Owner access.

Switch to Azure AD with the Azure Subscription with pre-requisite access.

  1. Open CloudShell

  2. Click on Cloudshell icon on the navigation bar to open Cloudshell

  3. Choose PowerShell from shell drop down

  4. Select storage

  5. Execute below command in Cloudshell to download the Cloudneeti data collector provisioning script.

        wget -O Provision-KeyVaultAccessAutomation.ps1

    wget -O AutoAssign-PermissionsToKeyvault.ps1

  6. Switch to the User directory

        cd $User

  7. Run provisioning script with inline parameters

        ./Provision-KeyVaultAccessAutomation.ps1 `
            -CloudneetiRegisteredApplicationObjectId <Data Collector Object Id> `
            -ApplicationId  <Contributor Application Id>`
            -SubscriptionId <Azure Subscription Id where keyvaults are present>`
            -AzureActiveDirectoryId <Azure Active Directory Id> `
            -AutomationAccountName <Automation Account Name> `
            -Location <Location>

  8. The script will execute and prompt you for below details: Cloudneeti data collector Contributor Application secret


  9. This will create a runbook inside automation account with a schedule to start the runbook which will assign List permissions to all key-vaults.

Security Polices with required roles, permissions

The following Security Policies will be excluded if one or multiple roles are not assigned.

Key Vault List

Special permission on key vaults is needed to collect data for security policies listed below.

Control No Policy Title Category
1800.2 Ensure that the expiry date is set on all Secrets in a Key Vault Key Management