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Request a License

Customers can request a free trial or a paid subscription License.

The customer’s primary point of contact (who will become the License Admin) requests Cloudneeti to provision a License. In case you don’t have a point of contact from Cloudneeti, please use the contact us form on Cloudneeti website.

Contact Us

Cloudneeti creates a new License with License term (duration), industry compliance packages and other customer-specific License level configurations.

Cloudneeti provisions customers’ primary point of contact as a new License Admin under this newly created License. The License Admin receives an email notification about being added in the Cloudneeti application.

When customers procure Cloudneeti cloud service on Azure Marketplace, the License and License Admin are created automatically.

Resources in Azure subscription

Please follow the below steps to determine the total number of resources within an Azure subscription.

Login to Azure portal as Subscription Reader/Owner.

  1. Click on Subscriptions (1)

  2. Select desired subscription

  3. Click on Resources (2) to get list of all resources

  4. Total resource count is mentioned on the upper left of the screen highlighted below

    Azure Resources

Resources in AWS account

Please the follow below steps to determine the total number of resources within an AWS account.

Login to AWS console with security audit role

  1. Click on Resource Group

  2. Click on Tag Editor

  3. Select All regions in Regions dropdown menu

  4. Select All resource types in Resource Type dropdown menu

  5. Click on Search resources

    AWS Resources

  6. Wait until all resources are loaded.

    AWS Resources

  7. Resource count will appear next to Resource search results

    Azure Resources