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Cloudneeti License

A Cloudneeti license is a group of accounts. Multiple Cloudneeti licenses can be provided to the customer under one contract. Each customer’s cloud account is registered with a Cloudneeti account.

Consider the following when deciding between using a single license or multiple licenses:

  • Data aggregation and reporting for cloud accounts will be aggregated at the license level

  • Each license can be configured to integrate with separate IT systems (reporting destinations, ticketing systems, audit report feed destinations, etc.)

  • Each license can be configured to choose a combination of compliance reporting packages (for example, OrganizationUnit_1 might want PCI DSS, CIS, while OrganizationUnit_2 might want HIPAA, NIST CSF, ISO27001)

  • Each license can enforce different baseline policies for their set of cloud accounts.

Cloudneeti Licenses and Accounts