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Cloudneeti is a SaaS product (“Cloud Service”) for security and compliance assurance. The Cloud Service has out-of-the-box definitions of security policies and mapping of these policies to various industry compliance frameworks, laws and regulations. The Cloud Service will collect cloud workload configuration information for onboarded cloud accounts and provide dashboards and reports comparing these actual cloud workload configurations against cloud security best practices, compliance frameworks, laws and regulations.

The Cloud Service enables management of security policies and user and cloud account administration; provides remediation guidance and allows auto-remediation for a subset of security policies; allows integrations with ticketing systems and data feeds; and sends notifications.

Customers will nominate users for the license admin role who will have the ability to access information across all onboarded cloud accounts, configure the product and add additional users who will have access only to dashboards and reports.

You can find additional information about the product, solutions and customers on Cloudneeti website.


Customers can request a free trial or a paid subscription License. This section also outlines the steps to determine the number of resources in each Cloud Account. This information will be used to estimate the product Subscription Fee.


System Architecture

Please review the terminology we use in this guide, such as cloud accounts, resources, Cloudneeti application License and Cloud Account, Onboarding and other. This will help you understand the meaning of each term used in this guide for configuring and using the Cloudneeti product.

System Architecture

Sign in and Sign Out

The License Admin can sign in to the Cloudneeti application and add additional users with admin or reader roles.

Please follow the sign-in steps to access the Cloudneeti application using your single sign on (SSO) credentials. This section also describes the full sign out steps.

Sign in and Sign out

Onboarding Guide

The Cloudneeti application integrates with CSPs for data collection over APIs in read only mode. Cloudneeti has connectors to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Office 365. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is on product roadmap. Licenses are activated by License Admin during onboarding of the first Cloud Account to a License.

Please follow the onboarding steps to connect Cloudneeti application to your cloud infrastructure.

Azure Subscriptions

AWS Accounts

Office 365 Subscriptions

User Guide

Sign in to the Cloudneeti application to review dashboards, views and reports about your security posture. You can see your aggregated compliance score for each benchmark, compliance statistics for each security policy and drill down into the compliance status of each individual resource where this security policy is applicable.

UI Navigation


Security Policies

Compliance Benchmarks


Administrator Guide

License Admin and Account Admin can change Settings of the Cloudneeti application. This includes management of users, configuration of integrations with other systems, and management of security policies.

Manage Accounts

Manage Licenses

Manage Users

Audit Log