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Azure Security Center Push Integration (Preview)

The integration between Azure Security Center and Cloudneeti provides a seamless experience to customers in protecting their Azure environments against cyber-threats and mitigating compliance risks. Cloudneeti application will push custom recommendations with assessment data of Azure Cloud Account(s) to Microsoft Azure Security Center.

Custom Recommendation includes policies with description and remediation steps.

Assessment data includes listing policy related resources with their compliance state with respect to policy definition.

The following steps are required to configure integration of Cloudneeti application with Microsoft Azure Security Center for Azure Subscription(s) added as Cloud account(s) in Cloudneeti.

Note: Cloudneeti pushes data on every successful Azure cloud account scan, this may take upto 48 hours to reflect the pushed data on ASC.

Required Roles

One or more people with the following roles are required to complete the Microsoft Azure Security Center integration process.

Pre-requisite Role Portal to use
License Admin Cloudneeti application
Subscription Owner Microsoft Azure

Required Permissions

Cloudneeti application will be granted with Azure Subscription Contributor.

Object Role / Permission Portal to use Required Role Step Type
Azure Subscription Contributor Microsoft Azure Subscription Owner STEP 2 mandatory


Grant Azure Subscription contributor role to Cloudneeti application created while onboarding Micrsoft Azure cloud account.

Login to Azure Portal with Microsoft Azure Subscription Owner role.

  1. Go to the subscription’s Access control (IAM) in the third level menu

    Assign role

  2. Click on the Add button and select Add role assignment

  3. Select Contributor role

  4. Select Cloudneeti application created while onboarding Azure Subscription in Cloudneeti.

  5. Select Save to complete the role assignment

    Assign role

STEP 1: Configure Azure Security Center Integration

The following steps are done by Cloudneeti License Admin role.

  1. Navigate to Integrations (2) in Configurations (1)

  2. Click edit (3) to configure Azure Security Center Integration


  3. Select Azure cloud accounts for enabling integration to push assessment data.

  4. Save


  5. The configuration will be successfully done if prerequisites are met.


STEP 2: Verify assessment data pushed at ASC

Cloudneeti on successful integration will create recommendations and assessments. This may take upto 48 hours to reflect the pushed data on ASC.


  1. Custom policies

    assessment data

  2. Custom policy description

    assessment data

  3. Custom policy remediation steps

    assessment data


Custom policy related resources state as Unhealthy, Healthy or Not Applicable

assessment data