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Add Cloud Account

1. Cloud Account

Cloudneeti application can integrate with multiple cloud accounts (Azure subscriptions) associated with a single or multiple Azure Active Directory (AD) tenants. The term “cloud account” is used as a standardized name referring to a single Azure subscription, Office 365 subscription, AWS account, or GCP project.

Cloud account is AWS account, Azure subscription or GCP project Cloud resource is a subscribed to instance of a cloud service.

2. Add Cloud Account

2.1 Prerequisites

Upon customer request, Cloudneeti license(s) will be configured and email invitation(s) will be sent to License Administrator(s). Additional users within Cloudneeti applications will be provisioned by the customer’s License Administrator.

2.2 Step to add Cloud Account

Cloud account / cloud accounts as AWS account, Azure subscription and Office 365 subscription can be added in Cloudneeti License.

Follow below links to onboard account as per connector type chosen:

1. Microsoft Azure subscription

2. Amazon Web Services (AWS) account

3. Office 365 cloud account