Configuration and User Guide

Introduction : Cloudneeti is a governance cohort, bringing together an integrated approach across various disciplines of governance. With some simple configurations, Cloudneeti can help you pull information from applications / systems deployed on Azure and inform you through various notifications, dashboards and reports about –

  1. Compliance against industry standards such as PCI DSS 3.2, HIPAA, Cyber Security Foundations, Security Benchmark, NIST CSF, GDPR.
  2. Optimizing your Spend on the cloud subscription (are you over-subscribed or under-subscribed)
  3. Reliability of your cloud environments (efficacy of backups, downtime alerts)
  4. Reducing Risk by detecting and alerting non-compliant configurations

Onboarding Azure Subscriptions to Cloudneeti

To onboard an Azure subscription to your Cloudneeti product

Click on Get Started --> Wizard Screen will appear:

Get Started

Step 1:

The first step of the Wizard contains introductory information, read Pre-Requisites, Instructions, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Click on Continue button



Next step of the Wizard will ask you to enter Subscription details for which you would want Cloudneeti to monitor and get alerted on your security and compliance posture of the entire environment, all fields are mandatory.

Setup Subscription

    ![Domain and Tenant Id](/images/DomainAndTenantID.png)

If authentication is successful, you will be taken to the third step of the wizard.


Next step of the Wizard will allow you to Enable or Disable Policies/Rules around governance monitoring


Select down arrow/+ sign to expand the list of policies/rules you would want to enable or disable, select respective check box and Click Save and Continue button.



Next step is to setup the schedule for scan interval/frequency. Select frequency and next run time then Click Save and Continue button.



Last step from the wizard is to invite users by selecting check box from the list of users with the VM link to the Cloudneeti application informing that, Cloudneeti application has been installed and they can now access it.

Click on Finish button.

Invite Users

After completion of above steps successfully, you will be redirected to the status page.


Once all services are completed you will be automatically redirected to the Subscription Dashboard.